GitRoll Release Notes: 2.0.1

2 min readApr 8, 2024


GitRoll 2.0.1 User Profile

Release date: 4/8/2024
Release notes version: 2.0.1
Release notes date: 4/8/2024


GitRoll 2.0.1 marks a significant milestone in our platform’s evolution, introducing a range of new features and enhancements designed to enhance your developer profiling experience.


● New Home Page: Experience a redesigned home page interface for improved navigation and engagement.

● New GitRoll Profile UI: Enjoy a sleek and modernized profile interface to effectively showcase your skills and achievements.

● Developer Login Portal: Access your developer account securely through our new login portal, ensuring heightened data protection.

● GitRoll University Rank: Gain insights into university rankings based on GitRoll activity, facilitating informed decisions in developer education.

● GitRoll Country Rank: Explore country-wise developer activity rankings, enabling global comparisons and analysis.

● Talent Pool: Dive into an expanded talent pool of developers, facilitating streamlined recruitment processes.

● Improved Rating Algorithm: Experience enhanced accuracy and relevance in developer ratings, aiding in better evaluation and decision-making.

● Fix Summary Bugs: Various bugs in the summary section have been addressed, ensuring accurate profile representation.


● Streamlined Navigation: Updated features have been integrated seamlessly into the platform, providing a smoother user experience.


Analysis Scope

● Major languages like C/C++, Java, and Rust are not yet supported.

● Other SCM platforms, such as GitLab, Gitee, and self-hosted platforms, are not yet supported.

● Scanning private repositories is not currently supported (due to fairness considerations).

● Analysis and aggregation of different types of information from sources like StackOverflow and LeetCode are still not supported.

Assessment Aspects

● Soft skills assessment, based on commit messages and community discussions/collaborations (e.g., pull requests, issues, discussions, replies), is not yet supported.

● Assessment of abstraction skills, including compliance with OOP/FP design principles and detection of design patterns, is not yet supported.


● Plagiarism and vendoring detection are yet to be implemented.

● The main contributor of the repository is currently held responsible for all issues found, regardless of who introduced them.

● Current rules are based on the latest best practices, potentially leading to lower ratings for out-of-maintenance repositories (though old repositories have minimal or no impact on the overall score).

● Other false positives are inevitable (some high-FP rules are excluded from scoring but issues are retained in the listing for reference).

User Impacts

● Improved User Experience: Users can expect a more intuitive interface and enhanced functionality, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction.

● Enhanced Security: The addition of a developer login portal ensures heightened data protection and user authentication.


We recommend updating to GitRoll 2.0.1 to take advantage of these new features and improvements.


For any inquiries or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at .